Will Implants Lift My Breasts?

Will Implants Lift My Breasts?

Although breast surgery is one of the most popular types of cosmetic procedures, there are still certain misconceptions about it. One common one is that getting breast implants will help lift the breasts. However, just because a woman gets implants, that doesn’t automatically mean that her breasts will be lifted if they are sagging. Understand more of what implants can accomplish for you. 

What Can Implants Accomplish?

There are both saline and silicone breast implants available. Both are meant to add volume and shape to the breasts and can make small, flat breasts appear larger and shapelier. If the patient has a small amount of sagging or loose skin in the breast area, implants can help by filling up the area. 

It is important to know that breast implants cannot lift breast tissue or reposition it. If there is a lot of excess skin, implants may make the sagging even worse and accentuate it. Additionally, breast implants cannot raise or reposition the nipples.

Is a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation More Appropriate for Me?

Generally speaking, cosmetic surgeons require patients to have a consultation before they determine whether a breast augmentation procedure or breast lift is appropriate for them. During the appointment, the doctor will examine the patient’s breasts and note issues such as the amount of breast tissue, excess skin, the distance between the breast fold and nipple, and more. Doctors also want to ensure that the patient knows what to expect from the surgery. While some women may be dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts, others may have issues with the positioning or sagging.

Customized Surgical Plan Created Depending on Your Needs

After an initial consultation, the surgeon will create a customized plan to suit the patients’ needs. This can involve the placement of the implants, a breast lift, or a combination of the two procedures. In many cases, women may undergo both breast augmentation and a breast lift procedure, especially if they want larger breasts. It’s beneficial when the procedures are combined into one surgery because it needs a single recovery period.

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