The Future for Facelifts

The facelift trend has definitely changed. Having an expertly done face lift (not just removing skin) among other treatments can have a longer lasting and more natural result in the long run.

The use of fillers, botox, external tightening (RF/Ultrasound), fat melting treatments, and threads should be done with caution and in the right hands. These treatments when done in excess either in frequency, quantity or both can really affect the tissues in the face in a negative way; also starting too early may also affect the long term. The mentality of more is better regarding these treatments is quite the opposite. Patients should be counseled to seek a consultation with a plastic surgeon when repositioning of the tissues or removal of excess seems more logical. The typical scenario usually plays like-  “they just kept injecting more and more.”
We are frequently seeing younger patients (30’s and early 40’s) that have overused these treatments and our now “stuck” with a pillow face that causes irreversible tissue expansion (extra tissue), damage to lymphatics (swelling) and internal scarring. These patients end up necessitating a multimodal approach where extra procedures are needed to create an optimal result. It also follows that they will have an extended recovery from these procedures, hence my creation of a postoperative protocol called HEALIOTHERAPY., to significantly cut down on recovery and healing time. To find out more please visit our website or visit