Still Sagging After Breast Augmentation?

Still Sagging After Breast Augmentation?

A breast lift or a mastopexy is a procedure whereby the architecture of the breast is changed in order to achieve 2 goals:

# 1 Improve the shape or contour of your breast (when you have sagging or droopy breasts)

# 2 Raise the level of the nipple to a more youthful position

Sometimes implants can help to lift the breast and raise the nipple, especially in the deflated breast after pregnancy and lactation. However when there is excess droopiness or the nipple level is too low, a breast lift can be done to acquire a better shape.

Types Of Breast Lifts

Internal breast lift – the breast parenchyma or substance is sutured and/or mobilized internally

External breast lift – incisions are placed around the nipple and down the breast to remove the excess skin and shape the skin around the newly formed breast

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