Skin Cancer Repair

in Aventura, Florida

Living in South Florida, we love being in the sun and outside because of the nice weather. With time, continuous exposure to the sun can cause some of the skin cells to turn into cancer cells.

Dr. Sarraga specializes in excision of these cancerous or precancerous lesions and reconstruction in the face and body. He also performs reconstruction of the eyelid area and reconstruction after having Mohs surgery by a dermatologist.

About Skin Cancer Repair

Dr. Sarraga feels that direct excision of most skin cancers, with immediate frozen section microscopic examination of the margins of the area removed by a (hospital) pathologist, and then immediate plastic surgery closure of the area, is the best treatment for most skin cancers.

Unfortunately, skin cancers are a very common here in South Florida. Dr. Sarraga frequently treats and care for individuals with various types of skin cancers. These include Basal Cell Carcinomas, Squamous Cell Carcinomas, and Melanomas. These are frequently treated and operated upon with the aid of immediate “frozen section” pathology evaluation to help ensure complete removal of the skin cancer. The specifics and options for each individual’s particular case are fully discussed and explained before any treatment. The objective, of course, is always to fully remove the skin cancer while minimizing any post treatment deformity or scars.

Please contact us to arrange for your personal consultation to find out more about the options that exist for treating skin cancers.

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