Many patients at the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility are understandably concerned about their possible results and their possible recovery after undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. Thanks to Dr. Sarraga’s’ skills, expertise, and experience most of our patients find that as soon as the outer bandage, or “splint” is removed (generally on the fourth or fifth day after the surgery), they are already extremely happy with the improvements and refinements that are visible. Of course, the healing process then continues, and only after several months, or even a year, is the final rhinoplasty result truly visible.

Recovery and Results

The final outcome or result is, of course, the main consideration or priority for most plastic surgery patients. Following the rhinoplasty procedure, the recovery process is generally fairly rapid and consistent. Most patients report being somewhat uncomfortable and feeling some pressure and aching inside the nose for the first few days. As stated, the swelling and discomfort generally subside rather quickly over the first week following the surgery.

There is always a bandage or small rigid “splint” placed over the outside of the nose at the end of the surgery. There is also a type of “Packing” used inside the nose. This “newer type nasal packing” is actually a soft rubberized material that incorporates a small tube or straw type structure into it. This allows the patient to actually breathe through their nose even while the “packing” or “stent” is in place. The other very nice advantage to this type of soft “stent” or packing, as compared to the tradition gauze nasal packing, is that when these currently used soft airway “stents” are removed, they literally just slide out in one or two seconds. This is in sharp contrast to the frequently very unpleasant experience of having the more traditional long strips of gauze nasal packing removed.

Once the outer bandages and internal soft airway stents are removed, most patients are generally much more comfortable. This most often occurs on the fourth or fifth day after the surgery. The timing of the removal of the internal nasal “stents” is largely dependent upon exactly what specific nasal procedures were performed inside the nose. In cases where significant breathing problems were being addressed in the surgery, the internal nasal “stents” may be left in place for several more days. This, of course, would be discussed with you during your initial consultation, prior to the rhinoplasty procedure being performed. Generally, the majority of the recovery will be complete within the first three to four weeks after the surgery. Complete healing, however, will generally take six to twelve months.

For the first 24 hours following the surgery, we instruct our patients to keep their head elevated on several pillows. We also recommend the use of cold compresses over the eyes as much as possible for the fist 24 to 48 hours. These actions help minimize the swelling and bruising around the face and eyes that generally develops after the surgery. The patient’s face and nose will also frequently develop some feelings of “pressure” or discomfort after the surgery. Medications are always prescribed before the surgery so that they are available to help alleviate any discomfort that may be experienced after the surgery. There are also several “homeopathic” or natural herbal supplements such as Arnica tablets and Bromelain tablets that Dr. Sarraga feel may also be helpful to take after the surgery to help speed the recovery and help reduce the swelling and bruising. This too would be discussed with you prior to any surgery being done.

Another frequent question relates to possible nasal dripping of blood or bleeding after the surgery. Significant bleeding from the nose following surgery is very rare. Some dripping of blood from the nostrils, however, is very common for the first day or two after the surgery. It is for this reason that a small gauze pad, or “drip pad” is always taped under the nose at the completion of the surgery, while the patient is still in the operating room. This “drip pad” is then easily changed, as needed, at home for the first day or two after the surgery. You would, of course, be given all of the needed supplies and instructions before leaving the office (or hospital) after the surgery. Again, Dr. Sarraga, and our staff are always available to answer any questions, and to address any concerns that may arise at any time.

Of course, it is always very important to follow all of the post operative instructions very carefully. Generally, after about one week most patients are able to return to their “normal” daily routines. Any strenuous activity, sports, or exercise, however, should be avoided for at least three to four weeks after the surgery, and even then, resumed gradually. Complete recovery from rhinoplasty can frequently take from six months to a year.

While complete recovery after rhinoplasty at our Aventura Facility can take several months, positive results, however, will frequently be very obvious as soon as the outer bandage or splint is removed. This generally occurs on the fourth or fifth day after the surgery. Perhaps one of the most important factors in helping to achieve the desired results after rhinoplasty at our Aventura Facility is for each patient to follow all of Dr. Sarraga’s post operative instructions. We always encourage our patients to call us at any time if any question or concerns should ever arise.

Learn More about Life after Rhinoplasty

At the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility, At Aventura we offer Dr. Sarraga’s expertise along with our extraordinary staff, each of whom is very experienced, knowledgeable, qualified and caring. During your initial consultation Dr. Sarraga will review your history and your goals, examine the nasal anatomy, and then review the options that exist. The possible risks or complications, as well as the limitations of the specific procedures being considered, will also be reviewed. Any questions you may have will be discussed and answered fully so that you can feel knowledgeable and comfortable with any decision that you make. With Dr. Sarraga, and our excellent staff we believe that you will be able to achieve the refinements and improvements that you are hoping to achieve.

So please feel free to contact Dr. Sarraga and our Aventura Facility to find out more information on the Rhinoplasty procedure.

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