Male Rhinoplasty – Nose Recontouring for Men

in Aventura, Florida

Men Deserve the Nose They Want

For many men the idea of plastic surgery may seem “foreign”; however, Dr. Sarraga frequently performs many plastic surgical procedures on men. Certainly amongst the more frequently performed plastic surgery procedures that men undergo at Storch Sárraga Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Facility is nasal surgery, or Male Rhinoplasty. For those men who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, or don’t like their profile, rhinoplasty may be a very rewarding and satisfying option to choose. A Male Rhinoplasty procedure may also be done to relieve problems with nasal airway obstruction or other problems relating to nasal airway breathing. This is especially true when the nasal airway problems are associated with an external cosmetic deformity or deviation. At the Storch Sárraga Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Facility we have many very satisfied and very happy Male Rhinoplasty patients. We welcome all inquiries or questions about the possibility of having a Male Rhinoplasty at our “Facility”.

Dr. Sarraga is very aware that men generally feel strongly that it is very important to maintain a NATURAL and MASCULINE appearance. This is always taken into consideration when planning and performing a Male Rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Sarraga will thoroughly discuss the specific changes and refinements that each individual patient is hoping to obtain and then, after examining the specific areas of concern, thoroughly discuss the options and considerations that exist. There is often no reason for any individual, male or female, to continue being unhappy or self-conscious about the appearance of their nose or profile.

Please do not hesitate to arrange for your own personal consultation in order to discover whether undergoing a Male Rhinoplasty procedure at our Aventura Facility is “right” for you.

The Procedure

The Male Rhinoplasty procedure at our Aventura practice is in many ways similar to the procedure that is done for females; as stated above, however, the desired goals or objectives may be very different. This would, of course, be discussed and reviewed with you in detail during your initial consultation.

Most often, Dr. Sarraga will use the “closed” rhinoplasty technique when operating on men, as well as on women. He feels that the “closed” technique will reduce the chances of having a visible external scar on the under surface of the nose (between the nostrils). It will also frequently help reduce swelling after the surgery and help speed the overall healing process. This is true because with the “closed” technique the circulation in and around the skin of the nose remains better (less disrupted) after the surgery than it would be had the “open” approach been used. During your initial consultation, Dr. Sarraga will examine you, answer any questions you may have, and then fully discuss these and all of your other options.

Please see and click on the “CLOSED RHINOPLASTY” information section on the top right side of this page for additional information on the rhinoplasty procedure.

Learn More about Male Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sarraga and our staff are pleased to serve the Miami and surrounding areas. We also are happy and proud to have many patients that come to us from many other states and countries. We can frequently help arrange for convenient local accommodations for our out of town patients.

We are pleased to offer the option of having a Male Rhinoplasty procedure to any man who is considering having nasal surgery. We understand that many men may have anxiety and significant trepidations about having plastic surgery and the rhinoplasty procedure is no exception. It is for this reason that Dr. Sarraga and our staff are always available to discuss any of your concerns or questions.

If you believe you may be a candidate for Male Rhinoplasty at our Aventura Facility, please contact Dr. Sarraga and our staff to schedule your own personal consultation.

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