Can You Put a Price on Your Self-Image?

At the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility, we understand that rhinoplasty cost at our Aventura practice is a very important consideration when considering a possible rhinoplasty procedure. Every patient and every case is different; therefore, a personal consultation and exam with Dr. Andres Sarraga is necessary to determine the full cost of rhinoplasty at our Aventura practice. We at the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility, located within the Aventura Hospital and Medical Center complex, want to help all of our patients reach their aesthetic goals.

While rhinoplasty is frequently a purely cosmetic, elective plastic surgery procedure and, therefore, frequently not covered by most insurance policies, it may in some cases be partially or even fully covered by your insurance provider. Depending on the type and coverage of your medical insurance, and the specific reasons for your particular procedure, the cost of rhinoplasty at our Aventura practice may be partially covered. If you are the victim of a traumatic injury, or require reconstructive surgery for some other reason such as severe nasal airway obstruction, there may be some insurance coverage. Our staff can be very helpful in trying to determine if any insurance coverage may be available to you. Unfortunately, there is frequently no way to know for certain what coverage, or how much reimbursement the company will provide until AFTER the surgery is done, the surgical reports have been submitted and the operative reports are evaluated by the insurance provider.

Rhinoplasty cost at our Aventura practice includes your surgical and post-operative care and surgical supplies. During your personal consultation, Dr. Sarraga and his experienced staff will evaluate your particular case and discuss any possible associated costs that may be involved with your particular rhinoplasty procedure at our Aventura Facility.


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Dr. Sarraga, and our staff of skilled medical professionals are all very experienced in handling all of your plastic surgery questions and needs. While we understand that pricing can dissuade some people from plastic surgery, we hope it will not prevent you from finding out what may be involved in having a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Sarraga. Please feel free to contact Dr Sarraga and our team at the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility in Aventura, Florida, serving the Miami area.

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