The nose is the most prominent and central feature of the face; it is, therefore, one of the first facial features that others notice about us when they first meet us. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your nose, some social interactions, and even everyday life, may become more stressful, or perhaps, less enjoyable than it has to be. Concerns with one’s appearance can sometimes lead to anxiety, or lower self-esteem. At the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility, we have genuine concerns for the personal comfort, and, therefore, the appearance, of each of our patients. Our goal is to help you achieve an attractive, natural-looking nose, profile, and overall appearance that functions well, and that you are comfortable and happy with. Dr. Andres Sarraga, meets personally with all individuals who are considering having a rhinoplasty. Dr. Sarraga, and our staff, all strive to educate all of our rhinoplasty candidates, and make sure they understand all of their options. It is only with this full understanding that Dr. Sarraga believes that any individual should embark on any specific surgery.

Here are some common reasons you may be a rhinoplasty candidate at our Aventura facility:

You feel your nose is too large
You have a bump on the bridge of your nose
Nasal tip is oversized, drooping, or not in proportion
Nostrils are excessively large, or small, or asymmetrical, or distorted
You have a very wide nose
Your nose is asymmetrical
You feel your nose is not in proportion with the rest of your face
A crooked nose
A broken nose
Trouble breathing through your nose
Frequent nasal airway congestion

Potential Rhinoplasty Candidates Are Invited to Contact Us

At the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility at Aventura Medical Center, we strive to understand the desires and concerns of all of our patients. Dr. Sarraga, meets personally with every potential rhinoplasty candidate at our Aventura practice. This is critical to ensure that we understand each individual’s goals and expectations. Dr. Sarraga will communicate the options, risks, limitations, and possible complications. So, if you believe you may be one of the many rhinoplasty candidates, please contact the Storch Plastic Surgery facility, in Aventura, Florida.

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