What is Healiotherapy™?

Healiotherapy is a combination treatment tailored by Dr. Sarraga designed to help you heal faster and enhance your result following your cosmetic procedure.

The mainstay of the treatment uses photobiomodulation using combination (LED) therapy that stimulates cellular activity to reduce inflammation, pigmented regions of skin, and redness by increasing cellular energy and stimulating collagen production.

**Diagrammatic summary of the effects of red/near-infrared and blue light on epidermis, dermis, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, and subcutaneous fat. **

Healiotherapy has different uses and applications but was mainly designed towards improving the healing and recovery after facial and body rejuvenation procedures including surgery, injectables, laser resurfacing, chemical peels and microneedling among others. It can as well be further customized and optimized using other modalities.

How does Healiotherapy work?

The therapy kickstarts the inflammatory stage of the wound healing process by recruiting the cleaning crew and white blood cells to the wound area and stimulating immunologic cells. This inflammatory stage is essential for good collagen production and collagen remodeling through the healing phase. It improves the blood flow to the skin and reduces the risk of hematomas and bruising. In other words, Healiotherapy will decrease the overall swelling and bruising and reduce subsequent healing time from your procedure(s).

When do I start Healiotherapy and what should I expect?

The tailored treatment may start as soon as the day of the procedure(s). The non-invasive treatment dramatically reduces the initial healing time after cosmetic procedures up to 30-50% less compared to when the treatment is not applied.

Patients feel energized after their treatment sessions and are able to enjoy their results faster. The tailored therapy uses combination treatments including LED light therapy, IPL, Lymphatic drainage and/or homeopathic agents.

The number and frequency of in office treatments necessary will depend on the type of procedure(s) and invasiveness.

After the initial in office therapy session(s) is done, you may choose to purchase a medical LED light device to continue your recovery and healing at home.

___________ “Harness the Healing power of light”…Dr. Sarraga

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