Plastic surgery is frequently an opportunity for people to improve, or even somewhat transform themselves into a person with an appearance closer to their “ideal” appearance. At the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility we work diligently to help all of our patients achieve their desired realistic aesthetic goals while also educating as to what is realistic, and what the options and risks may be. The risks of facelift surgery at our Aventura practice exist. Dr. Storch and his staff work very hard to minimize and reduce the risks involved. Dr. Michael Storch, Dr. Andres Sarraga and our staff want to make sure that all of our patients understand the risks of facelift surgery in Aventura. We make sure to discuss with and educate each of our facelift patients on the risks and possible side effects of the surgery, anesthesia, and recovery prior to any actual facelift procedure.
Risks and Side Effects

While Dr. Storch, Dr. Sarraga and our staff have years of education, training, and experience there are still risks of facelift surgery at our Aventura practice. Everyone’s body is different and therefore reacts differently to medical treatment and surgery. While our team at the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility are extremely well trained and practiced in all of the plastic surgery procedures we perform, there are still possible unforeseen risks and complications that can arise. These can range from very severe, to relatively minor; fortunately, serious complications are rare. Some of the more common “negative occurrences” after face and neck lift type procedures are:

Pain: Some pain after the procedure is common. Very seldom is the pain severe, and of course, pain medication is always prescribed and available for our patients. Minor pain is common after any surgical procedure; the same is true with the facelift procedure. Minor pain and discomfort is usually the extent of pain for our facelift patients. Depending on the severity of the pain Dr. Storch or Dr. Sarraga will always prescribe some pain medication for you.

Swelling: Besides minor pain and discomfort, many patients also experience swelling following their facelift. The body reacts to injury and intrusion by swelling, in an attempt to heal itself. As the body, in this case the face, begins to heal the swelling will subside. There is no reason to be discouraged with the results following the facelift procedure; swelling will begin to subside after a few days of the surgery.

Bruising: As with swelling and minor pain, bruising is one of the natural side effects or risks of facelift surgery at our Aventura practice, serving the Miami area. Just as the body swells during injury or intrusion in an attempt to heal or repair itself, the same can be said of bruising. Just as with swelling, the bruising will begin to subside after a few days, with the noticeable results improving each day.

Scarring: For many of our patients scars are one of the most important risks of facelift surgery at our Aventura practice. During the procedure incisions must be made along the face and hairline in order to access and tighten the tissue underneath. While visible, noticeable scarring is rare, it is a possibility following any larger cut or incision. While very few patients retain obvious scarring after the facelift, it is possible for visible scars to remain following the procedure. For most patients the incisions will remain pink for several months, eventually fading.
Learn More about the Risks of Facelift Surgery

There are risks and possible side effects involved with any medical procedure, cosmetic or otherwise. At the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility at Aventura we strive to minimize the risks of facelift surgery. If you are considering a facelift, or simply want to understand the possible risks and side effects then we may be able to help. So please contact our office today for your personal consultation, and to learn about the procedures as well as the possible risks.

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