The face is certainly the most visible and exposed portion of our body. It is, therefore, the first thing that most people notice about us, and it frequently contributes to the first impression that we will make. Ideally, our appearance is something we can feel comfortable with, and proud of. Unfortunately, however, our appearance changes over time. The skin, muscles, and other soft tissues of the face and neck undergo many continual changes. This is the result of numerous factors including gravity, time, sun exposure, and our own genetics. Over time the tissues will generally lose significant elasticity and support. The skin itself will generally undergo a noticeable change in texture. Fortunately, with the expertise of Dr. Michael Storch and Dr. Andres Sarraga one can frequently reverse or correct many of these objectionable changes.
Dr. Storch has over 35 years of experience performing Facelift and Neck lift procedures. Dr. Sarraga has worked closely with Dr. Storch and was trained in face and neck lift procedures with Harvard University plastic surgery experts in the Boston area.
In conclusion, the Facelift, and Necklift, procedures will frequently “rejuvenate” one’s overall appearance and may, thereby, help contribute to an individual’s overall level of personal comfort.
The Procedure

The Facelift procedure that is done for any specific individual at our facility is always tailored to meet that individual’s specific goals and objectives. For this reason, the specific surgical procedure, or procedures, performed will also vary somewhat for each individual. At the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility, Dr. Storch, Dr. Sarraga and our staff strive to fully explain each of the options that exists for helping each of our patients reach their particular goals and objectives.
At our Aventura facility, the facelift surgery itself begins with Dr. Storch or Dr. Sarraga making certain markings on the skin. This is done before the patient is brought into the operating room. After the marking is done, the individual is brought into the operating room where our anesthetist will slowly and gently put the individual to sleep. After the patient is asleep, the actual surgery is performed. The underlying deeper tissues are repositioned and tightened, and some of the excess tissue (skin, fat, and sometimes muscle) is removed as needed. The incisions are then closed around the face and hairline with sutures.
Many of our patients at our Aventura practice choose to combine their facelift procedure with other plastic surgery procedures such as a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), or a brow lift (forehead or brow procedure)..
Learn More About Facelift Surgery

For many people the outward signs of aging can be very troublesome. A wrinkled, drooping appearance, especially around the face, can cause people to seek solutions to reverse the signs of aging. At the Storch Plastic Surgery Facility we offer a variety of surgical and aesthetic treatments to reduce and reverse the outward signs of aging. Facelift surgery at our Aventura is one such procedure that can provide dramatic results to our patients in the Miami area. So if you are considering facelift surgery in Aventura, then contact the office today to schedule your personal consultation.

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