Upper Eyelid Ptosis

Also known as droopy eyelids. Patients are sometimes born with this problem or they can acquire it with time.  The muscle that elevates the upper eyelid is the most active in the body; we blink thousands of times a day. With time, the muscle attachment to the upper eyelid stretches and the result is lowering of the eyelid. These patients usually complain of having a “tired” look all the time. In some cases the position of the eyelid may interfere with your scope of vision; in some cases insurance may cover some of the costs of this surgery if your visual fields are affected. The proper eyelid height can be reestablished by an outpatient surgical procedure.

Brow Ptosis

Some patients are more susceptible to have brow ptosis, or lowering of the eyebrows; this may also worsen your upper lid appearance and may interfere with your visual fields. Brow ptosis has many causes but usually aging and genetics are the most common contributors. Usually the brow droops on the most lateral aspect, creating an unwanted sagging resulting in a premature aging appearance.  The position of the brow is one of the most important determinants when rejuvenating the upper face. The most common procedures performed to correct this deformity are brow lifts (or raising of the brow) and a brow pexy (re-positioning and fixating of the brow).

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