Massive Weight Loss

in Aventura, Florida

After massive weight loss from bariatric surgery or very strict dieting, our bodies go through many changes. The breasts, arms, abdomen and thighs sag and loose and wrinkled excess tissues stand in the way of who you really are. Dr. Sarraga can improve the contour of these areas and help you feel more comfortable with your body shape and the clothes you wear.

What is Massive Weight Loss Surgery?

After massive weight loss, patients may experience sagging and loose areas of skin. A body lift can help to eliminate this excess skin for a slimmer, more proportionate body silhouette. A body lift may correct sagging skin in the following areas:
• The abdomen/sides/lower back
• Buttocks
• Inner and outer thighs

A body lift is strictly meant to remove excess skin; they cannot remove excess fat deposits. If you are interested in removing stubborn areas of fat, you may be able to benefit from liposuction.

How is the Body Lift Procedure Done?

During the body lift procedure, extensive incisions may be created, depending on the amount of excess skin being excised. Incision patterns will vary depending on your individual case, though Dr. Sarraga will try to place incisions in locations that can be hidden by most forms of clothing.

After incisions are made, tissues and skin will be tightened. In some cases, Dr. Sarraga may incorporate liposuction into the body lift procedure to help improve your body contour.


Results can be seen immediately and will improve as swelling goes down. Compression garments will need to be worn to reduce swelling. Oral pain medication can be prescribed to help control any discomfort. Patients often take at least 2-3 weeks off from work and avoid strenuous activity for 4-6 weeks. Exercise should be avoided for 6- 8 weeks after surgery.

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