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If you are unhappy with excess fat beneath your jaw, Dr. Andres Sarraga now offers noninvasive KYBELLA® treatments at their Aventura, FL, practice. As one of the few providers in the country of this advanced therapy, our team can help you achieve your aesthetic goals without undergoing surgery. To learn more about this revolutionary treatment, contact us today and set up an appointment.


Recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), KYBELLA® is an injectable therapy designed to melt away fat underneath the chin. It is currently the only drug approved to treat this condition. Until recently, the only treatments available to address submental fullness (double chin) were liposuction and other surgical procedures. With this alternative treatment, Dr. Sarraga can address patient concerns without surgery.

The active ingredient in KYBELLA® mimics the structure and function of deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced by the body and helps to break down dietary fat in the digestive tract. When injected into the submental area below the chin, KYBELLA® destroys fat cells by creating holes in their outer layer. Once the membrane has been broken, the body will naturally metabolize the fatty contents. As a result, this treatment can re-contour your chin and improve moderate to severe submental fullness.

What to Expect from Your Procedure

Treatment is typically split into several sessions, each separated by at least a month. Before beginning, one of our specialists will clean the treatment site and apply temporary tattoos to mark precise locations for the injections. You will then be asked to hold an ice pack on the area briefly to numb the skin and ensure your comfort.

Dr. Sarraga will typically recommend 12 to 20 injections per session to achieve optimal results. You can return to your normal routine immediately after treatment, without any downtime to recover. Your results will become apparent after two to four sessions and can last for several years.


Treatment with KYBELLA® is not appropriate for everyone. Ideal candidates are typically men or women with submental fullness that has proven resistant to diet and exercise. Because it acts exclusively on fat cells, this treatment is not effective for loose skin underneath the chin.
Patients interested in KYBELLA® should inform their doctor of their medical history. Be sure to let your doctor know if you have:
• An infection in the treatment area
• Had or plan to have surgery or cosmetic treatments done on the face, neck, or chin
• Medical conditions in or near your neck
• Difficulty swallowing
• A history of bleeding problems or are taking an anticoagulant
• Plans to become pregnant soon

During a consultation, Dr. Sarraga can determine whether KYBELLA® treatment is appropriate for you or if another procedure may be more beneficial.

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Our entire team understands that feeling comfortable in your skin can have a life-changing impact and strives to provide service to renew your confidence. To learn more about how KYBELLA® can help you reach your aesthetic goals, contact us in Aventura today.

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