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Jeuveau is a new product similar to Botox, but intended only for cosmetic use. Patients in search of a more youthful appearance may choose Jeuveau to minimize fine lines and wrinkles in the glabellar area, also known as frown lines.

What is Jeuveau?

Also known as “Newtox,” Jeuveau is a newly FDA-approved product that works similarly to Botox. Jeuveau is a neurotoxin that is safely injected into the face to temporarily paralyze the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles.

How does Jeuveau differ from Botox?

Jeuveau works very similarly to Botox, and in FDA studies was proven to be just as effective in treating wrinkles.
The main difference between the two products comes down to variety of uses and user preference. Jeuveau does not have the wide variety of uses that Botox does. It is specifically designed to treat frown lines. While studies find that it does not definitively perform better than Botox, some patients or doctors may find that they prefer one product over the other. Consult with Dr. Sarraga to determine which is best for you.

What is Jeuveau treatment like?

During a Jeuveau treatment, Dr. Sarraga will apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area to ensure you do not feel discomfort. Jeuveau is then injected to the area using a thin needle. The treatment only lasts a few minutes, and few side effects should occur. Most commonly, patients experience some swelling or bruising as the most common side effects of Jeuveau.

Because Jeuveau is a neurotoxin, it’s important to only seek treatment from a trusted professional. Dr. Sarraga is a board certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience with both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

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