Victor completed his anesthesia training program in 1994 at California State University at Long beach, through Kaiser Permanente school of Anesthesia. He has worked closely with Dr. Sarraga since the complete renovation of the Storch Sarraga Plastic Surgery Facility. He has previously also acquired extensive experience in anesthesia including 26 years of trauma, OB and reconstructive plastics a staff Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) in various facilities, including Broward General M.C., Jackson North M.C and Mercy Hospital.  He has maintained a continuous presence in the cosmetic surgical specialty since 1997, with various surgeons.   He is also currently a Staff CRNA at Mercy Hospital in their high-risk Obstetrics Department and has been since 2004.

As a CRNA, Victor holds a Masters degree in anesthesia, along with advanced life support certifications.  Victor is certified, licensed, and approved to provide full anesthesia services under Dr. Sarraga’s supervision.  Victor has expertly administered anesthesia to Dr. Sárraga‘s patients since the recent renovation of the facility and has become an essential part of the Sarraga Plastic Surgery family in Aventura.


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